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Written by Asif, this section of the blog is for everyone working in the dental world.

Asif at the Australasian Society of Lingual Orthodontics
4th September 2019

Crocodiles, koalas and impacted canines down under

An invitation to speak at a meeting in Australia was an opportunity I could not turn down, writes Dr Chatoo.

Team at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine with Dr Asif Chatoo
8th January 2019

From wow to wow – the Harvard blog

When I first got an invitation to speak at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, I was both delighted and dismayed.

Sonic the Hedgehog
29th March 2018

The hedgehog and the orthodontist

The title of this blog may sound reminiscent of an ancient fable. But this is no moral or magical tale…

Euro stars on blue backgroud
23rd February 2018

The European question

I have decided to tackle the thorny Brexit topic – but this blog is strictly apolitical!

Building in London
16th November 2017

The dental profession’s new CPD regime

I like the concept of a personal development plan (PDP) in which I can map out how I will evolve as a clinician and practice-owner.

A dentist's light
1st June 2017

What do we want from dentists of the future?

I was intrigued to learn recently that at one dental school last year, nearly twice as many MSc students graduated as dental students.

The team at LLOC explain Suresmile Advanced to a patient
28th April 2017

Making the grade as a trainer

Anyone who has been for treatment here will know how important my orthodontic nurses are to me and to the whole treatment process.

General Dental Council logo and tagline
10th November 2016

Double duty of candour

It has come as quite a surprise to me to learn that as a dentist I should comply with a duty of candour not once, but twice.

A model of a set of teeth
21st July 2016

The good reputation of the dental profession

An antique mouse mat sits beside my computer……

Wooden sculpture, a hand to the ear
27th May 2016

A Listening Ear at the GDC?

For several years there has been widespread concern about the GDC’s operations – not just among the profession but shared by the regulator’s regulator, the Professional Standards Authority.

28th March 2016

Long Live the Radio Star

Are orthodontists being de-skilled by new digital technologies? No!

Natural history of insects
21st September 2015

The wonders of the natural world

Three and a half centuries ago, Robert Hooke was born. He was the author of Micrographia, a book which revolutionised scientific thinking.

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