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Dr Asif Chatoo trained as a dentist before becoming an orthodontist, which means that every time he sees a new patient for an orthodontic assessment, he can comprehensively take their dental needs into account. 

Orthodontics is often the first step in a patient’s journey towards transforming the appearance and alignment of their teeth. Following orthodontic treatment, other cosmetic dental treatments may be recommended such as cleaning or whitening. We also work collaboratively with colleagues, ensuring that orthodontic treatment is a valuable first step in the transformation of your teeth and smile.

Our cosmetic and hygiene treatments

We have a hygienist at the clinic, who can provide dental hygiene, jet cleaning and oral health advice. We also offer professional teeth whitening using the latest technology and we can provide you with an instant whitening session in the practice.

We work closely with other referring dentists, especially where multi-disciplinary treatment is required, so we are always happy to see patients on referral from a colleague.

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