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Orthodontic treatment consultation options at LLOC

At The London Lingual Orthodonic Clinic, we have given a lot of thought to your journey with us.

We want to ensure that everyone who commits to having their treatment at the clinic has a memorable and enjoyable  experience.

Your treatment journey begins with a comprehensive consultation with Dr Chatoo followed up by an in-depth report. The consultation with Dr Chatoo features:

  • Discussion around your specific needs and desired achievements
  • Detailed explanation of which orthodontic treatments will fulfil your needs
  • Examination of your teeth
  • Appraisal of your bite and smile in relation to your face as a whole
  • Opportunity to ask any questions around treatment
  • Outline of your options and costs
  • Follow-up: a detailed written estimate of your treatment, based on the discussion and needs outlined in consultation is forwarded to you. This is useful when considering a decision or discussing with your family and friends.

We now have a treatment co-ordinator, Renata, who is the first point of contact for new patients. If you have questions you want answered before the consultation with Dr Chatoo, you might wish to opt for a a complimentary consultation with Renata.

Your free 30-minute consultation         

  • Discussion around the benefits of orthodontic treatment
  • Overview of all orthodontic treatment options
  • Opportunity to view patient testimonials and media reviews
  • Tour of the practice
  • Follow-up contact with Renata to answer any questions

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If you’re ready to book your consultation, please contact the team on 020 7486 2883.

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