Orthodontic care in hot weather

Orthodontic care in hot weather

Orthodontic care in hot weather

With temperatures sometimes hovering around a sizzling 35° in London we thought this may be a good time to share our top tips on caring for your orthodontic health.

Drink plenty of water!

Top of our list is the most important advice of all, whatever the weather: stay hydrated. Not only is this essential for your overall health, it is also necessary for good orthodontic maintenance. Even slight dehydration may make your mouth dry, creating an environment where bacteria can flourish. Drinking water at regular intervals will help you produce adequate saliva, which will help cleanse your mouth of food particles and reduce bacteria. Keep a bottle of water to hand and sip from it often; add some chopped fresh mint leaves to give a healthy hint of flavour.

And if you have ice in your drinks, leave it there! Do not chew it as it is harder than you think, and you may risk damaging your braces.

Thoroughly clean your teeth at bedtime

Hot weather can be exhausting particularly after a long day of working, travelling, or even relaxing on the beach. But this is certainly not the time to let your oral hygiene lapse. Any sugars or food particles remaining in your mouth overnight can cause damage to your teeth and braces due to the growth of bacteria. Good oral hygiene is especially important in hot weather when you may also be more susceptible to dehydration when sleeping.

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