5 things to smile about

5 things to smile about

Five things to smile about this summer

The air is warm, the days are long, and friends are on holiday; it must be summertime!

Here are five things to smile about as the temperature rises.

One: travelling lightly

Whether you are heading off to a secluded island, or staying home to explore gorgeous British villages, pack a minimalist capsule wardrobe for lightweight packing. Choose linen shirts, skirts and shorts for the day, and simple dresses and trousers for the evening. Don’t forget a cashmere or merino sweater for lightweight warmth at night, and a packable waterproof, just in case! The only other things to remember are footwear, UV protection, sunglasses and a hat. And of course, your orthodontic travel kit; visit our blog for details of essential items to include.

Two: outdoor music

From Alexandra Palace to All Points East, London offers some of the best outdoor music with enough variety to suit all tastes. No indoor space can beat the alfresco acoustics of a symphony or the steady bass of a hip-hop drum groove. And as London is renowned for the friendliest gatherings of music lovers anywhere, don’t forget to share your beautiful smile.

Three: sun-kissed skin

Sunshine has been proven to help your body produce Vitamin D which can lift your mood, help with skin conditions, and support healthy bones and teeth through the production of calcium; all of these can increase the reasons to feel good about yourself. But don’t forget the sun cream!

Four: cool drinks and fresh fruit

Refreshing, delicious, and healthy. Stay hydrated and protect your oral health by sipping on tall glasses of chilled water flavoured with fresh herbs. Add a little finely crushed ice for the perfect summer thirst quencher. Summer salads provide healthy, quick snacks that are a pleasure to eat so prepare a variety of fruit, herbs, and chopped vegetables. Keep them in a bowl to dip into during the day and make the most of all those lovely enzymes and nutrients; check out this month’s recipe for more inspiration.

Five – sumptuous sunsets

As the long day ends, find somewhere beautiful to sit and reflect with friends and loved ones and enjoy the setting sun. We’d love to see where you have been watching from.

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