Lingual braces before and after

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, view a selection of before and after images from past patients at The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic. Slide across each image to see the smile transformations and get in touch to see how we can transform yours.


Tim is a doctor in his 30s who didn’t like his crowded teeth.
We treated him with upper lingual braces and conventional lower braces with clear brackets.


Jacob is a student and he came to see Asif because he didn’t like the gaps between his teeth.
We closed the spaces with upper and lower lingual braces.


Charlotte had an anterior cross bite which meant her upper and lower teeth clashed and this had caused chipping of her teeth.
Asif treated her with upper lingual braces and worked with her dentist to improve the shape of her teeth with white filling material (composite).


Bethany had a severe anterior crossbite as a result of the differing sizes of her upper and lower jaws.
We aligned her teeth with upper and lower lingual braces and then referred her for orthognathic surgery to correct the relationship of the jaws.

Charlotte R

Charlotte is a social media expert who did not like her protruding teeth and the gaps between them.
We treated her with upper lingual braces and lower aligners which were custom made in the practice.


Anna is a business consultant who did not like the appearance of her crowded teeth.
We fitted her with upper and lower lingual braces.


Igor, who works in finance, was 32 when he decided to improve his smile.
Dr Asif treated him with upper and lower lingual braces which straightened his teeth.
Dr Sandra then carried out restorative treatment (minimal preparation veneers) to improve appearance and make his smile appear natural and white.


Treatment in progress

James is a business owner and regular public speaker who wanted improve his crowded teeth and bite.
We fitted lingual braces on both the upper and lower arches to gently align the teeth, reduce crowding and improve the overall smile aesthetics.

You can find out more about James’s treatment journey, from the initial dental assessment, to adjusting to life in braces (during lockdown!) as well as his and Asif’s thoughts on the progress of his treatment ten months in.

If you would like to discuss treatment options, contact our friendly team on 020 7486 2883, or email us and we will get in touch.


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Keeping our patients and colleagues up to date on all things orthodontic is part of our mission as well as sharing news from the clinic and recipes that work for people in braces. Check out our blog for the latest news.

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