Clinical Dentistry Awards 2023 Best Orthodontic Practice

Clinical Dentistry Awards 2023 Best Orthodontic Practice


The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic recently had the honour of being recognised with the Clinical Dentistry Awards Orthodontic Practice Award for London.

We were all incredibly delighted to win the Orthodontic Practice Award in September. This prestigious award acknowledges clinical excellence in practice and showcases dentistry’s outstanding and innovative work.

Winning an award for our clinical practice is not only a recognition of our excellence but also a testament to the dedication, commitment, and relentless pursuit of patient-centred care by our entire team. I have had the privilege to witness first-hand the passion and diligence in which every team member approaches their work and how they continuously seek to raise the bar of clinical excellence. To receive this award underscores the collaborative effort of every member of our team and is a shared victory.

We began preparing our entry for The Clinical Dentistry Awards earlier in 2023. First, we had to ensure that we met all the required criteria, which is exhaustive for an award of this calibre. Although we felt confident we could meet the standards, we needed to objectively and carefully assess our clinic’s unique aspects.

The team and I engaged in lengthy discussions to recognise what sets us apart from other orthodontic practices. We also had to identify our strong points concerning the team, our service, the level of care for our patients, and our clinical outcomes.

To showcase our clinical excellence, we meticulously compiled case reports for the presentation. These reports highlighted the difference we make to our patients’ lives and the exemplary clinical outcomes we consistently achieve.

After submitting our entry, we felt relieved knowing we had completed everything correctly. Although we felt a little bit nervous about how the judges would feel about the service we provide, being told we were shortlisted made us so much more confident.

The awards ceremony was held at the fabulous Park Plaza Hotel in London. It was an incredible setting, and the evening was very special. But receiving the award was a wonderful surprise, and the team reacted with great joy and smiles all around. Initially, it was a shock but swiftly followed by immense pride for being the actual winner of this prestigious award. It acknowledges our orthodontic expertise and is a collective achievement for the entire team.

The team were ecstatic to receive the news. Our Orthodontic Nurse, Renata, said she was so excited when we won. Speaking on behalf of the team, she said it means that when your patients come into the clinic and have treatment, you know you are making a difference in people’s lives; it makes her proud to work at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic.

Manisha, our Practice Manager said even becoming a finalist in this prestigious award is a kind of a win. So when we did find out that we had won Best Orthodontic Practice, London, we were full of adrenaline, emotions and pride. It was phenomenal, and we could not have asked for a much better night, “almost as if we won the Oscars of orthodontics!”

They are still full of excitement, which is felt throughout the Clinic, with patients saying they are so happy and proud that it reinforces their reasons for coming to the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic.

Since winning this award, our patients have congratulated us, expressing their pride in being associated with our award-winning Clinic.
The award is not only about the orthodontic treatment we provide; it is very much about the team, and it is for all of us together, and we are committed to further elevating what we have achieved over the coming years.

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