Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2024: An Orthodontist’s Perspective

As the vibrant festivities of Chinese New Year 2024 unfold, it’s a great moment to reflect on cultural celebrations and oral health. From our viewpoint, this season is not just about the joy and traditions; it’s also an opportunity to consider dental health amidst the feasting and celebrations. This year, as we welcome the Year of the Dragon, let’s dive into how to celebrate this occasion while keeping smiles bright and healthy.

Embracing Traditions with a Healthy Smile
Chinese New Year is about family reunions, vibrant parades, and, of course, indulging in traditional foods. As wonderful as these are, orthodontic patients must choose which delights they eat carefully. Sticky, hard, or overly chewy foods can be challenging for orthodontic patients, and treats such as caramel, nuts, and hard biscuits should be approached with caution to avoid damaging braces.

Festive Foods That Are Braces-Friendly
Fortunately, many traditional Chinese New Year dishes are both delicious and braces-friendly! For instance, steamed fish, a symbol of abundance and prosperity, is soft and easy to eat. Dumplings are gentle on orthodontic appliances as long as the harder edges are avoided.

The Gift of Good Oral Hygiene
In the spirit of new beginnings, Chinese New Year is the perfect time to reinforce the habit of good oral hygiene, so don’t let the busy schedules and festive activities allow your dental care routine to slip. I encourage my patients to see this time as a golden opportunity to recommit to their oral health. Regular brushing and flossing are essential, especially after eating sweets and snacks. We have a wonderful hygienist at the clinic, and we encourage all our patients to schedule regular appointments with Yana to ensure optimum oral health.

A Year of Smiles Ahead
As we step into the Year of the Dragon, make it a year to celebrate the rich traditions and culture of our vibrant city. And, just as the dragon symbolises success, use this occasion to focus on your orthodontic goals and future smiles by committing to your ongoing dental health.

From all at LLOC, I wish you and your family a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy Spring Festival and that this year brings you closer to achieving your smile goals. Happy Chinese New Year!

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