Patient Stories

We treat all ages and all kinds of orthodontic dental problems here. What’s it like being a patient? Hear it from the horse’s mouth as our patients share their experiences in blogs or videos.

26th June 2020

James’s treatment journey: Part two

We caught up with James to see how he has adjusted to life in braces so far and whether the lockdown period has brought about any questions or concerns for the duration of his treatment.

13th March 2020

James’s treatment journey: Part one

James, a businessowner and regular public speaker, came to the clinic in February looking for professional advice on his options for orthodontic treatment.

cosmetic dentist Sandra Garcia Martin
20th June 2019

Martha’s story: Lateral thinking with artful bonding

Martha Wright’s beautiful smile has been a gift to the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic.

15th October 2018

Monikh’s story

Monikh Dale, a 29-year-old London-based fashionista and blogger, came to see us earlier this year looking for discreet orthodontic treatment.

11th June 2018

How I got my smile back

Victoria was regularly being photographed but she wasn’t at all happy with her teeth. Read on for what happened next …

19th April 2018

A six month smile

When you live in Vancouver, a clinic in London may not seem the obvious place to go for orthodontic treatment, but LLOC turned out to be the perfect place!

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11th October 2017

Charlotte’s story

Charlotte came to us because she didn’t like her gappy front teeth and was self-conscious when singing.

6th April 2017

UK Adult Braces

Neil Hillyard had teeth-straightening as an adult and he found the experience life-changing. He decided there wasn’t enough information for adults considering orthodontics and set up a blog.

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6th February 2017

Goodbye Miss Gappy

In a short video interview, Charlotte explains why she blogged about her orthodontic treatment.

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10th November 2016

Siobhan’s Story

If you are a model who wants to be considered for jobs in which your teeth are depicted, they need to be perfect. Siobhan turned to Asif for her perfect smile.

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5th September 2016

Rowing the Indian Ocean to save the elephants

When Jamie Douglas-Hamilton decided to proceed with teeth-straightening, his dental health was not great. But Asif’s treatment improved the appearance of Jamie’s teeth as well as the bite.

6th April 2015

Inside I’m Smiling

We don’t know her identity, but this blogger wrote eloquently about her experience of being in lingual braces. It;s the diary of a twenty-something girl and how her teeth were transformed.

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