One brush, many uses

One brush, many uses

 Unless you are a make-up artist, keen hobbyist, car mechanic or dentist, this is a riddle you might struggle to answer. But enlightenment is on hand: all these groups of people rely on the Microbrush for applying minute amounts of material in hard to reach areas.

A Microbrush might be used for removing brake fluid from tiny screws in cars, for placing anaesthetic on skin, or eyeliner around the eyes or dabbing glue onto a miniature model. At LLOC we use tiny applicators for a variety of purposes and we really value them.

What do we use it for?
For instance, as we are ‘bonding up’ a patient, ie placing their brackets onto their teeth, we need small amounts of different products. In addition to placing materials, the brushes can also be handy for removing and cleaning things in areas of limited access.
For instance, we first clean the back of the bracket using a Microbrush, then we place primer on a tooth with a brush, followed by the etching material with another brush, before placing the bracket. Then we start all over again with the next tooth!

My orthodontic nurses really appreciate the different colours of brush and being able to assign one colour for each use. Because we have to work at speed when we are placing brackets, the different coloured applicators are a great bonus. But it’s curious to think that all around the world there are people using the same brushes, but for vastly different applications.

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