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My debt to the USA

Whenever orthodontists are gathered together currently, conversation inevitably turns to Vince Kokich, former Professor of Orthodontics at Washington University and editor of the American Journal of Orthodontics, who died suddenly this Summer.

One of the things that made him remarkable was his ability to bring together a team of leading clinicians to work on a particularly challenging case. Each would bring their own diagnosis and prescription which he would gently encourage them to re-think so that as a team, they could achieve the optimum end result for the patient. He was a natural leader and inspired my enjoyment of interdisciplinary teamwork. I owe him a debt of gratitude.

I also owe the Alexander family who hosted me in the US recently when I spoke about Acceledent at a meeting of the Dallas-based South Western Society of Orthodontists. I was invited by the orthodontist Cliff Alexander and I also met his uncle Wick Alexander and his father Moody Alexander. Wick and Moody were both involved in the early trials of lingual systems so all of us who work in lingual today have a lot to thank them for.

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