The genie is in the hand, not the bottle

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The genie is in the hand, not the bottle

We are always happy to suggest brands of brushes and toothpastes as well as floss and mini brushes, we very rarely recommend mouthwash. There are always exception and in my experience, mouthwashes are helpful to patients who are having chemotherapy or who have had surgical procedures.

What would we choose?
If we had to pick up any mouthwash product in a supermarket it would be a hydrogen peroxide based one as this liberates oxygen which kills bacteria and can be effective. But nothing is as effective as brushing and flossing for patients who can do so easily and we don’t like to encourage our patients to rely on something which is chemically based.

What do we recommend?
In general,  we try to move patients away from the quick fix in a bottle because preventing gum disease requires more time and effort. During our own home care routine, if we use mouthwash, it is always in conjunction with brushing and flossing. They know it’s a question of doing what we say as well as doing what we do!

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