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19th April 2018

Visual artist Iman Virji decided to spend a few months in London supporting her grandparents and this was her opportunity to have her teeth straightened. She lives in Canada where she has a hectic lifestyle, working as a painter and in the film industry. With time to spare in London, she turned to Asif Chatoo for treatment.

Her dental problems were mild. Iman had orthodontics  as a teenager but had not worn her retainers. As a result, her lower teeth had become crowded again and her upper teeth had moved a little as well. She decided to have fixed lingual braces on her lower teeth and wear Invisalign on her upper teeth.

She takes up the story: “Every week I changed my Invisalign tray and I would wear it 24 hours a day except when eating or drinking. I was determined to get a quick result.”

“The traintracks were easy. They were a little painful at the beginning but I soon adapted. I thought I would have a lisp and be self-conscious, but I wasn’t. At the end of treatment, I could not believe how much my teeth had improved. I wished I had done this sooner.”

She added: “The other thing I noticed was the way my teeth bite together changed a little. Now they feel comfortable, it’s like they are hanging out together as they should.”

Iman said she went back to Vancouver for a few weeks earlier in the year and all her friends noticed there  was a difference but they couldn’t see her lingual braces or work out what had changed. “Only my closest friends knew what I was doing.”

Now back in Vancouver, she is wearing her retainers religiously and, having benefited from some hygiene appointments at the London Lingual Orthodontic clinic, she describes herself as a “flossing master.”

“Who would have thought it could be possible to achieve so much in six months – fortunately Asif did.”

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