Gosia’s treatment: London wedding, Greek photos, LLOC smile

Gosia’s treatment: London wedding, Greek photos, LLOC smile

As some of our patients will already know and may have been following on our social channels, our very own hygienist, Gosia Pol, had been having lingual treatment here with Dr Asif. Why you might ask, when her smile is and was always beautiful? We will let Gosia tell her story:

“I always knew my bite was not right. Working in dentistry, you just know how your teeth should meet. Asif improved my bite and straightened my smile, especially my canine on the left hand side, which was out of line. I wore lingual braces (placed behind my teeth) in the upper arch and braces on the front of my teeth in the lower arch. This is a common combination and works well. Now my bite is so much better. Due to COVID-19, the treatment took longer than expected and the braces were taken off in August instead of May, so I was in braces for just over a year. Unfortunately, patients have been unable to see my new smile because I wear a mask all day long!”

Gosia’s Greek wedding

Do you remember the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding? It’s still one of the most successful romantic comedies of the 21st century and has been mentioned a good few times here at the clinic as Gosia had been planning a beach wedding in Greece this year. Then, of course, COVID-19 happened and travel to Greece, or anywhere else for that matter, went right out of the window.

But Gosia and her fiancé Michael were not going to let a pandemic stand in the way of getting married and their wedding took place in London instead.

“It was small but very special,” says Gosia, “with close family and just a few friends.”

Although Gosia and Michael had to cancel their beach wedding, they managed a “mini-moon” in Greece this summer and had these stunning photos taken against its beautifully romantic backdrop to commemorate the special occasion. Congratulations both!

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