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Taking collaboration to a new level through inter-disciplinary treatment

Being able to plan cases with a digital set-up allows teamwork to achieve new heights. For instance, I’m about to come near to the end of a treatment for a patient whose toothwear is on one side of her mouth. She has been referred to me by a restorative dentist. He wants me to make room for some onlays on the affected side to protect the teeth from future damage.

Aesthetic alignment of the gingival margin
Not only must I make some occlusal space but I must achieve an aesthetic alignment of the gingival margin. Because I can plan the treatment down to fractions of millimetres, the referring clinician can be very prescriptive. Meanwhile, by sharing the software predictions I can reassure my colleague that I’m on course to achieve the desired tooth movement.

Understanding the needs of a specialist
Suresmile is one of the digital systems that I use and the manufacturers understand how specialists like to work. With my team this month I joined an advanced intensive course run by Suresmile which will help us all develop our understanding of the system’s interactive capacity.

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