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Sci-fi mystique and Suresmile

The idea of seeing what you teeth might look like at the end of treatment seems futuristic doesn’t it? It reminds me a little of the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Mike Teavee transports his real chocolate bar inside the television where it becomes a virtual chocolate bar. But seeing your teeth as a 3D virtual model is not science fiction. It’s just one of the amazing things that Suresmile can do and is something patients are already benefiting from here.

How it works

The 3D virtual images allow trained Suresmile orthodontists to visualise a patient’s teeth, gums and roots from all angles thanks to cutting edge software and imaging. This means precise alignment can be planned prior to treatment.
And adding to the Sci-Fi mystique is the fact that all of this information is whizzed over to experts in Dallas where sophisticated mini robots, specially designed for the job, manipulate and bend the wires and tailor the braces to that patient’s individual orthodontic requirements. Because the arch wires are predesigned and don’t have to be customised at the appointment, our patients have more time to enjoy the rest of their visit to LLOC. The reduction in treatment time is combined with greater precision. That’s impressive technology for you!

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