Travelling with braces

Travelling with braces

Brace yourself for the summer holidays

As the world opens up again you may be keen to explore new places, or visit friends or family overseas. If you are going on holiday while wearing braces or Invisalign, here are a few tips to help you prepare that will make your trip so much more relaxing.

First, make sure you’re up to date with your orthodontic appointments. If your next one clashes with your holiday please get in touch before you travel and we will reschedule it. We will also make sure you have enough sets of Invisalign aligners, if you use these.

Pack a dental care travel kit

Wearing braces means being extra careful about cleaning your teeth after each meal, choosing the right foods, and checking for trapped particles. And being away from the Clinic makes this especially important! Be prepared by creating a special kit to make your dental care easy to manage.

🌴at the top of your list should be a new toothbrush, dental floss, and your usual toothpaste and mouthwash

🌴your teeth might move slightly and cause irritation to the soft tissues inside your mouth or the wires start to rub, especially if your braces are new. Pack some dental wax in your travel kit to provide relief

🌴a small mirror and interdental brushes will help you check your cleaning routine is flawless, and help you remove any food stuck in your braces after you eat

🌴you may experience a little discomfort as your teeth realign. Your usual over the counter pain relief should be enough to manage any minor aches or pains

Eat, drink, and be hygienic

Exotic foods, delicious fruit juices, and letting your routine slip a little are some of the best parts of being on holiday. But your braces don’t ever switch off and will still demand the highest level of dental care and suitable foods.

When you are relaxing and experiencing new places it is tempting to try different foods and drinks such as locally grown nuts, hand-crafted nougat, and sugary fruit smoothies. As inviting as these are, for the sake of your teeth and to protect your braces it is best to keep away from them.

Hygiene is also just as important as being careful about what you eat and drink, especially if you are away. But your dental routine does not need to be any more rigorous than it would normally be at home.

You will still need to brush your teeth carefully, preferably after each meal, and check for food particles trapped in your braces and remove them as carefully as you can. And you should still remember to floss before you go to bed.

Finally, don’t forget, you can try all these lovely foods again in the future when you will not only be free of braces, but with beautifully straight teeth, too.

If something goes wrong

By paying attention to what you eat and taking care of your dental hygiene you should not expect to have any difficulties. But what if something does go wrong while you are away, such as a broken wire, or a loose bracket?

Do not panic! Photograph the problem as clearly as you can and email it to the Clinic; we can advise whether it can wait until you are back, or suggest ways to attend to it. But whatever happens, don’t forget to make an appointment for when you get home.

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