Pedalling in support of mental health

Pedalling in support of mental health

Exactly a year ago our newsletter shared news about one of our patients, Daniel Clark, who was planning a journey down the Thames.  Just in case you are imagining Dan kayaking, swimming or motoring in a barge, I need to set the record straight. He was travelling with three other guys in a pedalo! They covered 135 miles from Lechlade to Teddington in five days.

The trip, which came to be known as Project Pedalo, was a triumph. Dan and his three friends made £13,090 in aid of MIND, the mental health charity. Every time they stopped for a break, they got out their collecting cans and walkers and local residents gave generously.

Their motive for the trip was to raise money but also raise awareness of mental health, especially in men.  It’s recognised that men are more likely to bottle up their anxiety and this can lead to mental health problems, at worst to suicide.

One of Dan’s mates had tried to take his own life and this shocked all who knew him as they had no idea he was depressed. Fortunately, he was found before it was too late and is now in recovery. He was one of the four who was part of project Pedalo and the trip proved to be good therapy.

I got an update on the venture when Dan came in for an appointment just recently. The good news is that in addition to raising such a great sum of money, the four man crew have been entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the quickest time down the Thames in a pedalo.

If you are inspired by their story, you can still donate here:

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