Beauty Inside Out

Beauty Inside Out

For an oncologist and an orthodontist to be working collaboratively is unusual but Carmen and Asif are both clinicians committed to ways of working which are definitely outside the norm.  They are also both committed to natural beauty. The picture above is a woman treated by Carmen and a perfect example of natural beauty. This blog explains in greater detail why Carmen is a perfect fit at LLOC!

She trained in oncology, following her father into the medical profession, but went on to undertake additional training in medical aesthetics. This was as a result of her conviction that cancer patients need more than chemotherapy.

Her experience taught her that patients emerge from these devastating cancer treatments relieved to have their lives saved but they may also feel exhausted, strained and lacking in confidence. In other words, they recovered from their cancer but they did not fully healed.

She started helping her patients by offering skin treatments.

It’s important to note that as she is medically trained, Carmen fully understands the human anatomy and knows exactly where injections should be placed so they are safe and create a subtle effect. You can ban from your mind any thoughts of the kinds of treatments that may be on offer in beauty salons! She has the skills and medical knowledge to offer injections to all areas of the face, the neck and the décolleté but in a very minimalist way. What she found was that patients revelled in taking back control over their looks and their well-being.  The feedback she got from her  cancer patients was highly positive. She realised that as an oncologist she was healing her patients physically and as an aesthetic doctor she was providing emotional healing.

So now she is extending her role as an aesthetic doctor by working at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic. Carmen starts with a holistic consultation in which she discusses all aspects of her patients’ health and well-being. She listens carefully to understand what aspects of the individuals bother them and then provides options for making a difference.

Carmen can do the following:

  • Reduce fine and deep lines, all over the face, including worry lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines and shadows
  • Improve the contouring of the lips by reducing fine lines and hydrating them.
  • Reduce sagging and tighten the skin
  • Reshape areas like the nose to make it subtly more aquiline and sculptured
  • Work on the chin to reduce prominence or to improve the quality of the skin
  • For men she can lower the brow to give a more masculine appearance

She uses a topic anaesthetic so patients experience minimal discomfort and her preferred product is Juvederm. She also uses Restylane. Carmen offers advice on cosmeceuticals, specialist skin products. Her wish is that every consultation is health-promoting and pampering, with each patient being empowered to improve their looks and well-being with her nurturing support.

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