Now holistic aesthetic care at LLOC

Now holistic aesthetic care at LLOC

Orthodontist and clinic owner Asif Chatoo has recruited Dr Carmen Murias and Dr Sandra Garcia Martin to offer their services to patients who can now enjoy a range of treatment options in one discreet clinic. If you are interested in meeting either of them, there are free consultations of 45 minutes each with Carmen and Sandra on Friday, November 23rd. Just call the practice on 020 7486 2883‬.

As with everything at LLOC, they provide treatment which is natural, holistic and entirely customised to your health and well-being. Patients wanting more than just teeth-straightening, perhaps some cosmetic embellishments to their teeth or subtle and discreet enhancements to their face or neck, now have a one-stop shop in central London. Asif, Sandra and Carmen work together for patients who want a complete beauty makeover.

If you are tempted to have the kind of  makeover which involves reducing ageing lines, or smoothing away unattractive shadows, Dr Murias is absolutely the right person to consult. You can read a blog about her background in cancer care and how this has led her to bring her skills and her empathy to LLOC.

Dr Martin is a dentist with extensive experience in cosmetic dental improvements, having trained with top clinicians skilled in the art of the composite build-up.

Find out more about Sandra and Carmen on our team page and get in touch to arrange a free consultation on Friday November 23rd by calling 020 7486 2883‬ or fill out the form below.

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