Monikh’s story

Monikh’s story

Because Monikh is in front of a camera a lot, she wanted orthodontic treatment to be inconspicuous.  A fashionista and blogger, this was a second go at orthodontic braces after her teeth moved following her first round of treatment as a teenager.

Monikh documented her journey with posts and stories via her Instagram page and also with two blogs. In her final instalment, Monikh said, I would tell anyone who’s contemplating it to just go and do it. I have always been a little shy about my teeth, but I didn’t realised how much until they started to get straighter and I realised I had started to smile more. It’s changed the shape of my mouth too; Dr Asif bought my teeth outwards to broaden my smile, which I love!

People began to comment after just a few months, said Monikh, about how good her teeth were looking. The good thing with lingual braces, she says, is that you can see the transformation much sooner than with traditional braces (on the outside of your teeth) which conceal the changes that are taking place.”

We were delighted with Monikh’s account of treatment with Dr Chatoo, of whom she said

“The LLOC team, and Dr Asif Chatoo have been so incredible with me. Like I said I’m one of those annoying people who cried at the dentist every visit, and the team here would be so great at calming me down. Half way through the treatment the tears stopped and I started to feel super calm about it all and it was more of a simple monthly routine. I knew I was doing this for a good reason and having such a great team along the way helped so much! They were amazing from the start so I knew straight away that I was doing the right thing going with them.”

We were also very pleased to see that Monikh was taking retention seriously and even wrote a paragraph on how important retainers are in keeping teeth straight after braces. You can read her full account here.



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