What are your new year’s resolutions?

What are your new year’s resolutions?

New year resolutions have long been the incentive for lifestyle changes. A concept based on a date every year that represents a reset button and a chance to make the year ahead better than the one before.

Whether it’s a new fitness goal, breaking an unhealthy habit or taking time to prioritise yourself, new year resolutions often provide a clear goal to be achieved within the year.

If you’re looking for some additional resolutions to add to your list, why not consider some that we’ve put together, including a list of oral hygiene resolutions –


  1. Take a walk once a day – it’s no secret that we’ve all at some point got tired of the four walls of our homes. Taking time out to get some fresh air is a brilliant way to boost your health and happiness. Go with friends or walk alone and take some time to prioritise yourself and clear your head.


  1. Start flossing daily – including flossing in your daily hygiene routine is imperative to removing plaque build-up from between the teeth. This small step will make a huge impact on your oral hygiene, reduce your risk of gum disease and leave your mouth feeling cleaner! If you are in braces or retainers, we recommend Superfloss, which can be threaded beneath the wires. Alternatively, you could consider Airfloss, a device that uses jets of water to clean between your teeth.


  1. Get yourself an electric toothbrush – easy to use and superior for plaque removal, whether you chose Oral B or Phillips Sonicare, it will help to reach the spots a normal toothbrush can’t. The benefits of electric toothbrushes are undeniable, namely a fresh and sparkling smile.


  1. Drink more water – drinking more water may seem like a small resolution to make, but the positive impacts of increasing your water consumption are great for the whole body. More specifically, increasing your water intake keeps your mouth clean and reduces the risk of tooth decay.


  1. Stick to an annual appointment with your dentist and biannual hygiene appointments – with oral health benefits such as the prevention of tooth decay, gum disease and plaque build, regular dentist appointments can save you huge amounts of money, catching potential issues early, before they become major problems and cause discomfort. In addition to good physical health, dental hygiene can also have a great impact on the appearance of your smile and subsequently your overall confidence and wellbeing.


  1. Invest in your smile – more than just the appealing aesthetic of a perfected smile, comfort and health are huge factors in the process of investing in your oral health. Smiling without hesitation releases natural endorphins and boosts your mood. If you’ve ever felt that your smile has hindered your confidence and you’ve considered getting braces, we recommend booking a consultation to see what we can do.


Not looking to take on another new year resolution, but looking to prioritise and improve your oral health? Get in touch today and book your consultation.

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