Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

Somnowell snoring and sleep apnoea dental device

Have noticed that the quality of your sleep isn’t what it used to be, or you have a partner who is keeping you awake with their snoring? Night-time breathing can become problematic when the air passage at the back of your throat is restricted. This can happen due to age, smoking or weight gain.

Dr Chatoo is an approved provider of Somnowell, an anti-snore dental device which helps with sleep-related issues. The Somnowell works by helping to keep the air passage open. It can reduce or stop snoring and it can also help sufferers of sleep apnoea, a more serious condition which makes continuous night-time sleep impossible.

The device fits snugly over your upper and lower teeth at night and helps bring forward the lower jaw and tongue in order to open up your airway. Made of a chrome cobalt alloy, which is impervious to bacteria, it’s comfortable and durable. It’s also barely visible when in the mouth. The model in the above picture is wearing the Somnowell device.

Interested? Read Asif’s blog or visit the Somnowell’s FAQs.

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