Marvellous Maria and her LLOC smile

Marvellous Maria and her LLOC smile

Maria has been with us for three years and with her lovely smile and efficient ways she’s just the right person to be welcoming patients and managing appointments. We thought her smile pre-treatment was lovely, but she felt that her teeth could be improved so she booked herself in with Dr Chatoo.

Maria’s treatment journey

Maria before treatment:


Maria wanted one of her canines, which she describes as twisted, straightened up and she also wanted the crowding in her lower jaw addressed.

She started treatment in 2019; Dr Asif placed lingual braces top and bottom. The completion date was delayed by COVID-19 unfortunately, but even so, in just 18 months, she has her new straight smile.

Maria got to experience the benefit of being in a multi-disciplinary clinic, meaning she also consulted Dr Sandra, our cosmetic dentist, about her ‘gummy’ smile. Dr Sandra provided Maria with a crown lengthening treatment, also known as a gingivectomy. Using a laser, she removed a tiny amount of gum so that when Maria smiles, she shows more of her beautifully straight teeth. The procedure took just half an hour and Maria is delighted.


‘Eat Pray Love’

Her verdict on her treatment sounds a little like the title of the book ‘Eat Pray Love’ which was turned into a film starring Julia Roberts.

Maria says:

“I’m happy because I can eat most of the things I want without worrying I will damage a bracket.”

“My sleep is better because my bite is better, and I don’t clench like I used to.”

“I love the way my bite feels – it’s much better than it’s ever been.”

All in all, Maria is very happy with the outcome of her treatment and is always ready to chat to our patients about her experience of being in braces. Who needs Julia Roberts?!

If you’ve got any questions around orthodontic treatment here at the clinic, or would like to find out more about the different brace options, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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