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UK Biobank

I am greatly reassured by the work of UK Biobank. A remarkable epidemiological survey, UK Biobank started seven years ago. One in 50 people in England Wales and Scotland between the ages of 49-60 – around 500,000 overall – have been recruited to the survey. Over the course of several years in different centres around the country, these people have given up their time to allow their medical histories and their health status to be probed and analysed.
I understand that oral health is regarded by UK Biobank as an interesting area. A spokesman has said that there are lots of interesting ways in which analysis of saliva might help further understanding on a wide range of diseases and they have collected saliva samples from many participants.
Scientists of the future, people who may be in primary school now, will have access to all the information and samples that have been collected. The mind boggles at the research they could be instigating. You can find the research that is already underway here: https://www.ukbiobank.ac.uk/published-papers/

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