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The aesthetics of the smile

It comes as quite a surprise to them to learn that it is possible to change the shape or size of teeth. We are talking very small reductions in size which can nevertheless improve the overall aesthetics of the smile.
The technique has different names, such as enamel reduction and slenderising of teeth. Orthodontists are more likely to talk about interproximal reduction (IPR). And while patients focus on appearance, for specialists, IPR is a useful method for improving the bite and achievning treatment goals. This is very well explained by a colleague in New Mexico, Greg Jorgensen, in a blog on his website: http://www.gregjorgensen.com/blog/2011/05/what-is-interproximal-reduction-in-orthodontics
As he points out, there is no increased decay on the altered surfaces, the teeth are more stable after treatment, and there is no increase in sensitivity when the amount of enamel removed is kept within reasonable limits. I am likely to recommend a very modest amount of enamel reduction in many of my patients.

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