Which braces are right for me?

Which braces are right for me?

Knowing the right kind of braces for your orthodontic treatment might seem daunting, but you don’t need to make the decision alone!

If you’re just starting your research into braces and orthodontic treatment, here’s an overview of some of the different brace systems we offer to help you think about which might be right for you.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are what the clinic is known for. They are fixed onto the back of your teeth for an almost completely invisible appearance. Lingual braces, like the standard braces you will be familiar with, allow full three-dimensional control on tooth movement. They enable your orthodontist to have better control over your treatment, as the brackets are fitted onto individual teeth, helping to correct misalignments.

The most obvious advantage of choosing lingual braces is for their appearance, so it’s ideal for those seeking a more discreet orthodontic solution. Here at The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic, we also utilise state-of-the-art technology that enables us to ensure great precision over the way your treatment is planned so we can create a bespoke prescription for your needs.

Fixed labial braces

Traditional fixed braces (also known as labial braces) are those that are fixed to the front of your teeth. As with lingual braces, they cannot be removed during your treatment, so you won’t risk forgetting to put them back in!

There are several types of labial braces available, including ceramic (tooth-coloured) braces, that are designed to blend in with the colour of your teeth for a more discreet appearance.

Mix and match

A significant proportion of our patients opt to have labial braces on their lower teeth, which are less visible and lingual braces on their upper teeth, although for some it’s the other way round – it just depends on your smile. If you have a high smile line, you would most likely prefer lingual braces. If you don’t have a high smile line, meaning your lips cover your teeth when you smile, labial braces would work well for you.

Invisalign and clear aligners

‘Invisible’ aligners have become a popular choice for their clear appearance, as they are barely visible to others. These can be removed for eating, drinking or cleaning your teeth, as and when you need. But it’s important to remember to put them back in as your aligners should be worn 22 hours a day.

In order for the aligners to work effectively, you may require some small tooth coloured attachments to be placed on the teeth. At The Lingual Orthodontic Clinic we try and avoid placing these on the upper incisor teeth.

Aligners are a popular alternative to braces for patients with simpler requirements for teeth straightening. However, for more complex alignment requirements, for instance involving your bite, aligners might not be the most effective treatment option for you.

At The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic, we offer an initial complimentary consultation with our treatment co-ordinator Renata. The next step is an in-depth consultation with founder and orthodontist, Dr Asif Chatoo. Some patients choose to see Dr Chatoo without delay so they can discuss their options and decide which is the best way forward for them.

We’re passionate about ensuring all our patients receive the treatment that works best for them, ensuring a smooth journey and better dental health. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss your requirements further.

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