Tom Cruise’s Teeth

Tom Cruise’s Teeth

Tom Cruise has starred in many blockbuster films dating from the early 80’s until the present day and there have been some noticeable changes to his teeth during this time. As people who work with teeth every day, we can not help but be interested in the evolution of his smile.

His teeth were first brought to the public’s attention when he played Steve Randle in 1983’s The Outsiders. To add to his role as Steve, a young Cruise volunteered to have the cap removed from a front tooth that had previously been chipped as a result of an accident playing hockey, according to this article.

By the time Risky Business and the 1986 classic, Top Gun came around, his teeth were notably straighter, but the story of Tom Cruise’s teeth did not end in the 1980s!

In 2002, he famously sported fixed braces to the premier of his film ‘Minority Report’, embedding in our psyche that adults can wear braces too. It is reported that a mixture of clear aligners and fixed ceramic braces were used as part of his treatment during this time.

Dr Asif says:

“One of the most interesting things about Tom Cruise’s teeth has been that the mid point between his two central upper teeth (the dental midline) did not match the midline of his face, giving him the appearance of a single prominent front tooth.

I find some of my patients don’t often notice where their dental midline is but for others it’s their reason for seeking treatment. They appreciate that orthodontic treatment can move the teeth and hope that they can achieve a situation where the dental midline and facial midline are coincident, restoring harmony to the face and the aesthetics of their smile.”

There will always be opinion and comment on the appearance of those in the public eye and Tom Cruise is no exception. Whatever your view of his teeth, nothing can detract from his famous good looks and onscreen charisma. We are impressed that unlike many other celebrities, he has never tried to hide his tooth straightening treatment. The dental profession is grateful to him for raising awareness of the power of orthodontics to improve a smile.

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