There’s an app for that!

There’s an app for that!

Scrolling through my social feed, I came across a really interesting article by Get the Gloss features writer, Ayesha Muttucumara. According to her article, more than one in two adults are using technology to help them stay healthy.

Ayesha describes a wide array of forward-thinking apps, from the general kind which measure blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI) to the most specific and intimate, such as the ‘Elvie’- a new, intelligent app that monitors and helps women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles!

Customised apps
In 2015, apps go way beyond running routes or measuring daily steps
What were once futuristic concepts are now a reality. If you are prepared to dedicate the time, some apps can become highly customised. They can tune in to all aspects of your life, from your memory to your dental health and even fertility! Note to bicycle enthusiasts, don’t get too excited about an app called ‘My cycle.’ It’s certainly intelligent, but it has nothing to do with your next bike ride!

Unsurprisingly, recent data has revealed that young people (18-24’s) lead the way in using gadgets to keep track of their health. But senior citizens are not lagging far behind. According to the article, one in three adults over 65 are also using gadgets to monitor their health.

Age no barrier to treatment
It’s no different in the field of orthodontic treatment. Recent advancements in technology mean that invisible braces, such as lingual braces behind the teeth, which are both convenient and discreet, make orthodontic treatment more acceptable to patients. Teeth move throughout our lives and age should be no barrier to treatment. We see a wide range of adults both male and female through our doors every week. In fact, results from a survey that we undertook show that nearly one fifth of patients visiting our clinic are in the 41-60 year old age bracket.

From a dental perspective, I love the concept of the Brush DJ app. Developed by a dentist, Brush DJ hooks up to your favourite tunes and is designed for use during your daily brushing routine. You can find out more about it by following its founder @brushDJ.

There has already been an orthodontic app which allows people to send in a photo to an orthodontist and ask about treatment. I predict this is just the start. The challenge will be to remember what apps we have at our disposal. Or perhaps someone will invent an App Controller, rather like a TV remote, to control al the apps at our disposal. What an ‘appy’ future awaits!

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