Influencers and orthodontics

Influencers and orthodontics

The appeal of hidden braces to anyone in the public eye is obvious. Thanks to Dr Chatoo being the first orthodontist in the UK with a lingual clinic, a good number of models, actors, singers and TV personalities have been treated here. They want the treatment but they don’t want to be seen to be having treatment and lingual braces are perfect.

There are challenges of course, but we are happy to ensure that the service we provide, from the first landing on the website to retainers being fitted, meets their expectations. There are few moments in the life of an influencer which aren’t the raw material of a post or a video, as you can see from the image above. This is not the first time a recording has been made of the brackets being bonded onto teeth and we’re sure it won’t be the last!

We appreciate all our patients, but the experience of treating influencers is different. Why? Because, we are happy for them to go public whereas for most of our patients, confidentiality is the order of the day and we always respect that.

A perfect example is the Instagram image of the model – and former patient – Siobhan Priest posted on the set of a toothpaste commercial, a gig she would not have won in the days before she had orthodontic treatment. We loved that she shared the confidence she felt.

Having braces is a big event in anyone’s life.  For an influencer, it’s epic! They operate online – whether on YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram or Twitter – and they broadcast their experiences. And we learn so much from what they have to say.

So what else do we learn from our influencers?

As highly experienced consumers who make an art of studying the marketplace, influencers tend to shop around. When they choose a service, it will be after a considerable time dedicated to evaluating their options. They will look for the best service or company to suit their needs. Our website must pass the first test of providing all the information they need, with clear navigation and succinct prose.

If you read some of our testimonials, all our patients value time spent with Asif discussing their needs, they value orthodontic care, orthodontic excellence and gentleness.

The model and influencer Monikh Dale tells how she cried repeatedly while she was here – not because of anything we did, but because, in her words, she is “a crier.” She really valued Asif’s gentleness, as her blog explains. We particularly appreciated this comment from Monikh:

“Yes I have found other places which offer these treatments at a much lighter price, but like I said it’s the people you pay for. I’m 100% sure that I’m in safe hands with Dr Asif Chatoo, he and the staff are great. Plus it’s your teeth, and if there’s one thing you should never try save money on it’s them.”

The influencer and blogger Victoria of In the Frow started writing about her treatment here in 2016. She has been the gift that has kept on giving with regular updates about her treatment. The last one was in June of last year when she told her entire story.

Read her blog and you will find that what mattered to Victoria was the fixed braces option. She instinctively felt she would not manage with removable aligners as her lifestyle is hectic. (Aligners will only work if you religiously put them back onto your teeth every time you take them out of your mouth.) The other thing that mattered to Victoria was punctuality. Asif always does his best not to run late and Victoria really appreciated this.

Finally, she seemed to appreciate Asif’s courtesy. She says in the blog: ‘Asif is one of the loveliest people you can meet. Very calm, always happy to talk through everything, eager to make you feel comfortable and clear of the process and just a very friendly gentleman.’


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