How old is too old for braces?

How old is too old for braces?

I recently treated a delightful patient in her mid 60s who was thrilled with the result we achieved with her teeth, which she described, at the outset, as higgledy piggeldy!

Orthodontics is available to anyone of any age. Although braces are often associated with young people because adolescence is the best time to move teeth around, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have braces when you are older.

Patient survey
I recently carried out an audit of my patients and the majority are adults and  18% were 41-60 year olds. I very much enjoy the process of treating my more mature patients who know exactly what they are looking for and are mostly looking for invisible treatments.

Why orthodontics?
Having straighter teeth doesn’t just provide cosmetic benefits. Wonky or crowded teeth can be difficult to clean thoroughly and this may make you more prone to gum disease or tooth decay. Orthodontics can also help patients fix their ‘bite’. If teeth don’t meet properly (dentists and orthodontists describe this as “malocclusion’ or ‘bad bite’) this can cause chewing and swallowing problems, which orthodontics can improve.

Our practice manager, Carla, has a lovely smile but her problem was her bite and although at the time of writing she is still in treatment, she tells me that her bite has improved already.

The American Association of Orthodontists says that 1 in 5 orthodontic patients are over 18. I predict that before long, 20% of patients in the UK will be adults too.

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