Dreaming teeth are falling out

Dreaming teeth are falling out

As Halloween approaches, we thought it apt to touch on something scary that we can all relate to: bad dreams. There is a long list of common nightmares, but one that we find most interesting is the recurring nightmare concerning teeth.

Have you ever experienced that terrible moment in a dream when, slowly but surely, your teeth fall out? Some dream analysts say that this particular nightmare indicates an anxiety about losing control or even a fear of becoming less productive or efficient. As experts in orthodontics, our team can certainly sympathise with a need for control as the field of orthodontics is all about control of tooth movement.

Evidence-based interpretation

Looking up the meanings of dreams is fun, but the downside is that there often isn’t enough scientific evidence to back up interpretation.  This may be changing, however, as a recent study by the University of New York gives an insight into the source of nightmares. Using rats, scientists found that, when given a fright using a harmless puff of air as they ran through a maze, the area where fear is detected in their brains reactivated when they fell asleep.

The study also indicated that after the rats had explored an environment, the distinct group of neurons (which was seen firing in sequence as the animals moved during the day) replayed as they slept, therefore adding to the well-documented belief that dreams, whether good or bad, are a memory strengthening process.

The good news is that, unless you sustain an unfortunate injury or suffer with severe gum disease, the likelihood of your teeth falling out en masse in real life is minimal. With proper care and regular dental health checks, your natural teeth can last you a lifetime!

Dental hygiene at The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic

We are happy to say that there is no evidence that having orthodontic treatment will have an impact on your dreams – in fact, a recent study suggested that orthodontics can play a role in wellbeing. When you undergo orthodontic treatment, it’s vital to take special care of your dental health and learn to clean thoroughly around your wires and brackets. Our team of hygienists specialise in helping patients with braces keep their teeth clean and can advise on maintaining a good oral hygiene routine going forwards.

If you have been concerned about the appearance or movement of your teeth, why not consider taking the first step towards achieving the results you want with a no-obligation consultation? Find out more about our consultation options or contact us today.




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