The cost of tooth-straightening

The cost of tooth-straightening

Once a decision has been made to have straighter teeth, the two next questions are who will carry out the treatment and after that, how much it will cost.

We thought it would be helpful to enlarge on this topic so that if you want to commit to the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic, you will know exactly what you are getting. Our remit for this blog is to go beyond the teeth-straightening system to examine the value of treatment, as opposed to the cost.

First and foremost, your treatment is undertaken by Asif, a specialist who carries out the diagnosis and treatment planning. Our patients see him throughout. His orthodontic therapist, Francesca, may get involved in the wire changes and in taking the braces off but Asif remains involved in your care. Let us not forget, this treatment is not just about your teeth but about your jaw, your bite and the harmony of your face. An orthodontist is the best person to entrust with your care.

The next important thing to know is that the treatment cost includes the retainers you are given at the end of treatment. Without retainers, your new straighter smile is at risk of relapse. Your first retainer check will also be free. The retainer check is an opportunity for Asif to make sure everything is going well for you as well as that your retainers are functioning as they should.

Unlike many other orthodontic practices, we have hygienists working here. Asif believes in teeth being kept meticulously clean and healthy. He encourages patients who don’t have a hygienist in their own practice to have a thorough clean. When you arrive for a routine wire change, he will remove your wires when you arrive for treatment and then put in new wires after a hygiene appointment. There is of course a fee for this but the convenience of having an in house hygienist cannot be over-estimated. Many patients say that when they finish treatment their teeth are both cleaner and straighter than they have ever been before!

If the cost of orthodontic treatment seems high, then you can spread it. We only ask that you pay 20% of the total fee up front and then we collect payments via direct debit or standing order as the treatment progresses. This is interest free. Most of our patients choose to take advantage of cost-spreading and we are very happy to facilitate this.

Finally, for those who are worried about any aspect of their treatment, we have partners we work with. There is speech therapist Annie Morrison, about whom I have written a blog and Farzanah Nasser, a nutritionist, who helps advise on diet. You can read some of her recipes in our blog here.

I very much hope that this blog helps you appreciate what you are getting when you start treatment here. We are proud to say that there won’t be many small clinics with such a wide offering.



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