Shall I compare thee to some floss?

Shall I compare thee to some floss?

Our team don’t have time to sit down and write about love. Personally, we like to give voice to our passion when we are here in the surgery! Let us put your mind at rest – this relationship is a purely professional one. The object of this affection is the tufted brush.

Valentine’s Day has been and gone but we thought that we could get away with some romantic suggestions in order to keep you reading and win you over. The tufted brush is one piece of kit that our hygiene team are likely to recommend to our patients and we want everyone to understand why.

A common problem

Just recently a patient came in saying her husband had told her she had bad breath. She was embarrassed because she knew she had a nasty taste in her mouth but she didn’t understand why. She cleaned her teeth extremely well twice a day and there was seldom any sign of blood in her mouth. (A bit of bleeding when you brush may of course be a sign of periodontal disease.)

Our hygienists’ suggestion

Our hygiene team’s next course of action was to get out a tufted brush and to carry out an investigative clean in her mouth. Where they could see that she had crowns, they cleaned just under the gum margin. The surface of a tooth just above or below a crown, sometimes hidden under the gum margin, can be a place where plaque bacteria lurk. It’s difficult for a conventional brush to reach into this tiny area and clean out or disturb the plaque. A tufted brush on the other hand…

Back to our investigation, our hygiene team found there was a little bleeding from the gums in areas with crowns – and their suspicions were confirmed: the source of her bad breath were probably the bacteria and the gases they produce when they live and flourish just beneath the gum margin. They gave her the brush to take home and some instruction on how to use it.

Can we compare the tufted brush to some floss or interdental sticks? We don’t think so. The tufted brush is beyond compare for patients who need to pay special attention to plaque removal from the little nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach. Our passion is declared!

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