Cleaning between the teeth: a health protection routine

Cleaning between the teeth: a health protection routine

Remembering to pay special attention to cleaning between the teeth is important. It may not be second nature to us because it wasn’t necessarily drilled into us when we were young. Our parents may have reminded us to brush our teeth, but they never said: Go brush and floss. Being supplied with a toothbrush was normal, but I wonder how many of us grew up in bathrooms equipped with floss or interdental brushes for cleaning between teeth?

But overlooking the surfaces between your teeth is like washing your hands and forgetting to clean in between your fingers. Why? Because it’s vital to remove the food debris and bacteria that builds up between your teeth. And, acid forming bacteria, otherwise known as plaque, can cause cavities and irritate the gums, leading to gum disease.

Dental Floss and Braces

When it comes to cleaning teeth with braces, there are different ways for you to clean between teeth but you won’t be able to use conventional floss. Interdental brushes are a good way to clean around wires and you can purchase Super floss , which has a semi rigid end – making it easy to thread through gaps above the wire.

Links between gum disease and heart disease

A growing body of research suggests that there may be links between gum disease and more serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. So, in future, don’t think of cleaning between teeth as optional, tell yourself you are going to the bathroom to look after your dental health and overall well-being!

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