Paula’s story: The LLOC diaries

Paula’s story: The LLOC diaries

We’re always thrilled to help our patients have a positive orthodontic experience at The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic and our time working with patient Paula Holmes was no exception. Usually we have an idea when our patients might be posting about their treatment online, although this time Paula was the exception – which made the way in which we discovered her brilliant secret so surprising.

Paula had started her treatment at LLOC in 2019, around the time that Renata had just taken on the role of treatment co-ordinator. Renata was looking for useful YouTube videos that could help explain lingual treatment to prospective patients and, as she searched for stories, she discovered Paula’s channel!

“I could not believe my eyes. I was looking for a patient to explain lingual braces, and here was one of our very own patients! Without knowing it, we were treating a YouTuber and the author of The LDN Diaries (or @TheLdnDiaries).”

Since that time, Paula has finished her treatment and shared her story with her community. Along the way, she provides lots of practical information for others considering orthodontic treatment, including her overall costs and her routine for maintaining good oral hygiene (click here to jump to the video).

Paula’s treatment journey

Paula decided to go ahead with orthodontic treatment because she felt her teeth were crowded, which made her mouth appear small. On her YouTube channel, she gives a candid account of being in braces, such as the day the braces went on (possibly the worst part) and the jaw-locking she experienced which, whilst unusual, is highly treatable.

If her smile is not 100% perfect now, she says, it’s because the ideal treatment option for her should have been jaw surgery. She says Dr Chatoo provided her with different options, but she did not want surgery or extractions, which may have made the work of the braces easier. Instead, she chose to go with straightforward braces, lingual on the upper arch and ordinary braces on the lower teeth.

Life after braces

Paula is delighted with her results:

“My face shape has changed, my whole mouth has filled out. (…) I am just so much more happy with my teeth. I want to smile and I feel so much more confident.”

We are happy to see such fantastic results at the end of her treatment, but will definitely miss her visits and Paula confesses on her video that there is a small hole in her life too:

“Finishing treatment has been a bit like leaving school. It feels weird because I have been there every month for two years, so you get to know people and they are lovely and so, so nice. Dr Asif is simply the best, he is amazing(…) I highly recommend him.”

Time to change your life?

If you’d like to talk to us about your options for orthodontic treatment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out the form below, visiting our contact page or calling 020 7486 2883.

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