How I got my smile back

How I got my smile back

We could not be more delighted by the review that has been written by Victoria, a lifestyle blogger.

Victoria came to see Asif because she was not happy with her smile. She confessed that she had worn braces as a child – she had fixed metal braces for three years – but did not wear her retainers. We always tell our patients that teeth have memory and want to go back to their original position. If the patient has had extractions, this can really confuse the teeth!

Victoria had 8 teeth extracted as a child so by not wearing her retainers, it was quite possible that her treatment would relapse, and it did!

She wanted her smile to be evened out, especially her overlapping bottom teeth, and she wanted the shape of some of her teeth to be minimally altered. Asif was able to do both. Victoria was very keen to have lingual braces so they could do their work invisibly.

She has already written extensively about her treatment at LLOC, documenting her transformation. The latest piece summarises all aspects of her treatment. You can also read on her In the Frow blog about the brands that Victoria can’t do without – and we are very glad to say we are one of them!

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