We are evolving – join us for the exciting journey

We are evolving – join us for the exciting journey

We are delighted to announce that we have moved (just around the corner)!

Over the past 16 years at 57a Wimpole Street we have made some incredible memories, and we are excited to make many more in our new clinic on Harley Street, home to some of the most prestigious private medical and dental practices.

We have expanded our knowledge, our expertise and our team, welcoming valued patients through the door with a smile every time.

Our evolution

original artwork

Forged in 2005, the practice was run by Dr Asif Chatoo, Dr Didier Fillion and several other respected dentists.

Growing considerably popular, the practice was taken over by Dr Chatoo, evolving into a highly respected specialist lingual orthodontic clinic.

As the first specialist lingual orthodontic practice in the UK, the work of Dr Chatoo has driven great advances in the uptake of lingual treatment as a discreet orthodontic solution.

Utilising state-of-the-art digital technology to plan, design and control our patient’s treatment, we are able to provide an unparalleled premium service for our discerning patients.

While 57a Wimpole Street has certainly been popular with our patients, we are embracing the evolution of our clinic and are looking forward to welcoming patients to the new home of the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic.

Our new look


Reflective of the changes we are making and the exceptional care we offer our patients, we explored our options for a fresh new look.

We decided on a rebrand that demonstrates the high-quality services we offer and although we may look slightly different to those that already know us at LLOC, we are still the same team of friendly and professional orthodontic experts waiting to welcome you.

In keeping with some of the finer and more familiar details of the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic, we have made a place on the wall for our iconic London landscape artwork in the new clinic.

We want all our patients to know that through this transition we are dedicated to providing the same exceptional care and dental expertise with a view to driving continuous improvements to our specialist services and treatments.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the new clinic from the 7th of March.

Please feel free to contact our team on the same number should you have any questions; we will be happy to help.

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