Tips for increasing your confidence

Tips for increasing your confidence

There are millions of different things that can affect our confidence.

From not getting that spot on the team or making the big promotion, to body confidence, comparison culture and public speaking, our confidence can sometimes take a hit. Whilst a number of these things are out of our control, there are several things we can do to make sure our self-confidence is where it should be.


We’ve put together some tips for increasing self-confidence and the confidence of others:

Reduce your time online – Being online is great and we have access to so many resources thanks to the internet. It keeps us connected to the people we love and care about, and even provides opportunities to connect with like-minded groups of people we’ve never met before, but scrolling aimlessly can be a painful game. Taking time out of the online world can be great for your mental health and help you to establish some healthy boundaries, withdrawing from comparison culture. The less time spent online, the more time you have to do the things you love.



Give a compliment – It doesn’t have to be a big one but giving a compliment can feel just as good as receiving one. By making someone else feel good, you’ll undoubtedly feel happier in yourself.

Smile at someone – Sharing is caring and in the case of smiling, this is certainly true. Smiling releases hormones that can positively impact your mood for hours. Just one smile can turn into hundreds – they’re contagious!

Listen to yourself – Take time to meditate, or just get some fresh air on a nice walk. Allowing yourself to take time out of your scheduled activities and process your thoughts and feelings is an important part of feeling confident in yourself. Self-awareness and understanding of emotions can really help you to find direction in life and build trust with yourself.



Invest in yourself – Whether it’s a magazine subscription, a manicure, or a dentist appointment, looking after yourself is a major factor in self-confidence. Making the time to complete activities that add value to your life and make you feel good is imperative to being a confident person. Treat yourself!

Try something new that’s out of your comfort zone – Confidence doesn’t grow if you don’t. Zip wires, kayaking, cooking classes and group running sessions are just a few of the ways you can break the ordinary cycles of everyday activities. By trying something out of your comfort zone you will undoubtedly gain a sense of pride for achieving something beyond your everyday experiences. Who knows, you might uncover something you love doing.

By doing even one of the above, your chances of feeling healthier and happier will increase and you’ll likely start to experience increased confidence as a result.

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