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If only politicians could agree as easily as orthodontists!

A potentially embarrassing situation was deftly averted at the European Society for Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO) annual meeting! How could a British orthodontist remain Secretary after next March when the Society’s bye-laws insist that all members of the executive council must come from an EU state?

Asif is the current Secretary for ESLO and when his role came up for re-election, realisation dawned that the bye-laws do not allow a non EU citizen to have an executive role. Confusion reigned. But not for long.

Asif said: “There was a little bit of embarrassment and then one of my colleagues suggested that the way forward was to change the bye-laws!”

“I felt very appreciated that the society and its members were prepared to change the relevant bye-law in order to keep me as Secretary. If only the rest of the Brexit negotiations were so easy or politicians were able to reach agreement as quickly as orthodontists!”

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