LLOC stays open for patients in November lockdown

LLOC stays open for patients in November lockdown

A new lockdown has been announced for England starting from Thursday November 5 and I am already hearing from patients concerned about what this means for their treatment. I am glad to say that we are able to continue to provide treatment using the same precautions that have been in place since June.

Jo Churchill, the Minister for Prevention, Public Health and Primary Care, whose remit covers dentistry, has confirmed that dental practices can stay open during the second lockdown.

As all our patients know, we reopened our doors in June after the first COVID-19 lockdown and moved to a ‘new normal’ which is well embedded here.

We have always maintained high standards of cross infection control and the measures that we introduced in June provide an additional layer  to ensure optimum safety.  These precautions will be strictly maintained for the foreseeable future. You can read about all the precautions we have taken in this earlier blog.


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