It’s a kinda magic!

It’s a kinda magic!

Thanks to the way our clinicians work, our patients can see into the future and visualise their completed treatment! Asif has SureSmile software which uses scanned images to illustrate how the position of the teeth will change during orthodontic treatment.

Meanwhile Dr Sandra Garcia Martin, our cosmetic dentist, can do a ‘mock up’ to show her patients how she can improve the appearance or one or more teeth. Composite, a white filling material, is used to build up a tooth to make it match neighbouring teeth. Not only does a mock-up give an impression of the end result, it helps with decision-making.

The picture on this blog page was taken of Dr Garcia Martin demonstrating to a young female patient how she could improve one of her front teeth. The problem tooth was smaller than the others and set back. It took about 15 minutes for Dr Garcia Martin to create a ‘mock-up’ tooth made of composite.

This was so the patient could decide if she would like a replacement tooth made from composite, carefully built up by Dr Garcia Martin, or a porcelain veneer. For a porcelain replacement tooth, Dr Garcia Martin would take impressions and work with a laboratory technician to get the best possible result.

Without the mock-up, it would be very difficult to understand just what a difference the cosmetic treatment makes. We believe in ‘try before you buy’ here because of the insight it gives our patients! It takes a bit of time to offer the service, but when you are making an investment of this kind, we believe it’s worth the effort. As you can tell from the smile on the patient’s face, she thought the same!

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