International flavour for Learning Lingual course

International flavour for Learning Lingual course

Delegates on my 2017 Learning Lingual course are from all over England as well as Egypt, Brazil and Germany. It’s the second year I have run the course which provides a complete overview of the lingual approach to orthodontics through a combination of lectures and hands-on learning.

The first module of Learning Lingual got the course off to an impressive start with the majority of topics achieving full marks on evaluation sheets. Among the comments received were:

The highlight of this course was the experience that Dr Chatoo has with different lingual systems.

“The course was very well-structured with many tips of critical reasoning and problem-solving.”

“Really enjoyed course – informal, nice being a small group so able to get more involved asking questions.”

New for 2017 was the water bath, a worktop water-heater which meant that delegates could not only place wires on typodonts but witness the impact on tooth-movement once the typodont had been in warm water for ten minutes.

The mechanics of lingual orthodontics are very different to labial so that a whole new approach is required. Knowledge of one system alone won’t necessarily give an orthodontist the confidence they need to manage patients.

I feel very privileged to be mentoring colleagues who are committed to extending their skills, especially when they have travelled so far. We are all looking forward to the next module in May.

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