It’s not called Suresmile for nothing!

It’s not called Suresmile for nothing!

What is SureSmile?

As you will know from a previous blog, Suresmile is an American-based system using robots to bend wires. With Suresmile, the technique is based around the wires, not the brackets, which can be of any kind. The most challenging aspect of lingual braces is the finishing. With traditional systems, as you near completion you can see the teeth are well aligned, but you know you need to keep the patient in braces until both the occlusion and the aesthetics are completely perfect.

Robots Rule

Because you are bending the wires, it’s possible to introduce small but unwanted discrepancies at any time. But the Suresmile wires are precision-bent by robots, so those discrepancies don’t occur. This means the finishing time is greatly reduced. I would say that most Suresmile cases can be completed in slightly less time than other systems thanks to the robots. So Suresmile will now be offered routinely to patients.

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