The victory parade

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The victory parade

When our newest recruit, Francesca De Rosa, won a place on an orthodontic training course, she could barely have been more overjoyed.

Because I applied to Kings College Dental Hospital on her behalf it fell to me to tell her that she had been accepted. What a great response. She whooped and cheered and waved around the acceptance letter with the same pride that some top athletes display their trophies!

She is qualified as both a dental technician and a dental nurse, so she already has a good understanding of dentistry. Additionally, Francesca has been trained by Asif to work in the practice over the last year; the part-time orthodontic nursing course she is starting this month is more about gaining a qualification for her own career development and personal gratification. How wonderful it was to see someone so happy about being able to do their job better.
Most orthodontic practices have small teams, making it imperative that everyone is committed to what they do and happy to pull their weight. Through her enthusiasm, Francesca left us in no doubt as to her commitment. And whenever we need to have a laugh, we remind ourselves of her victory parade in reception!

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