Seas of red a fitting memoriam to the Fallen

Seas of red a fitting memoriam to the Fallen

The commemorative installation of poppies in the Tower of London’s moat
attracted millions of visitors and when I went I was awed by the scale and drama. The artist who created the installation was Paul Cummins and he called his work: Bloodswept Lands and Seas of Red.

Controversy over the Tower of London’s poppies
Sadly, there was some criticism of the idea. One commentator in The Guardian described it as “Fake, trite and inward looking.” He also felt that for it to be a meaningful representation it should be gory, vile and terrible to see. Personally, I don’t agree with his sentiments.

While the 888,246 poppies represented each of the British and Commonwealth soldiers who died in WW1, the display was emblematic rather than inward-looking. Those who fell deserve a stirring and beautiful memorial. Something gory and vile just would not have attracted so many people.

Those who gave their lives should be remembered
I don’t agree with war but I do believe that those who gave their lives should be remembered and thanked for their bravery. We should also remember that hate, greed, arrogance and bigotry are the enemies of a peaceful existence.

Photo credit: Martin Pettitt, Flickr

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