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Teeth whitening at LLOC

When braces are on the front of teeth, whitening can only be carried out once they are removed. But lingual brackets are placed on the backs of teeth so  whitening treatment can be carried out at any time. A whole new paradigm exists.
Tooth straightening for a big event
Many of our patients are undertaking orthodontic treatment in time for a particular landmark event in their life, a birthday, an anniversary or a Big Day. They want to look their best. One of the reasons that they might choose lingual braces in the first place is because the braces don’t have to be removed in order for your smile to look wonderful. You start treatment, your teeth move and then you can relax knowing that the goal has been achieved. Meanwhile the braces stay on for some further fine-tuning.
Responding to patient demand
It’s from people who fall into this category that we have received lots of requests for whitening. So we are responding to demand from those patients who want to get their teeth to a whiter shade of pale ahead of the braces being removed.
You need to have healthy gums before whitening so you may need to see me first and I will give you a free assessment. If I am happy that your gums are in a good condition I will give the green light for whitening.
The system we have chosen is Zoom which is a popular and rapid way to make teeth whiter. Above is a picture of a stand at a recent dental show. You can find out more here:
Reaching the right shade of white
Some patients want to be in control and get to exactly the right shade of white. They are able to have a session of Zoom and then once their braces are off I will make some trays and Asif will prescribe some whitening gel and the treatment can continue at home. These patients will just stop the whitening once they are happy with the shade.

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