A farewell to Farah

A farewell to Farah

When we tot up the time that Farah has been part of the team, we recall she joined the clinic after it opened and we have already marked our tenth anniversary. So it may not seem like a decade – but it is!

There have been many unforgettable moments. After straightening her teeth, Farah became an early ambassador for lingual treatment. She was keen to talk to patients from personal experience and did so very well.

Hundreds of patients have Farah to thank
Farah will have started literally hundreds of patients off on their course of treatment. After braces are fitted, she – and more recently Francesca too – spend time giving patients advice and information. It helps for patients to know what to expect and how to manage their braces, whether it’s their oral hygiene or diet or any other tips.

Walking the Moonwalk
A recent highpoint was the fund-raising Moonwalk which we turned into a team event and involved walking through the night around London. We all felt a great sense of togetherness as we crossed the finishing line at the same time.

I was very proud when Farah won an award for her presentation at the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO) meeting. I am also proud that Farah has won a place to train as an orthodontic therapist at King’s College London. I hope that her experience here will stand her in good stead in the years to come.

After a decade of having Farah in the practice, a future without her familiar face in the practice seems very strange. But I’m glad that the era which ends for us means a door on a bright future opens up for Farah.

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