Diving and snorkelling with braces

Diving and snorkelling with braces

Can I go diving or snorkelling while wearing braces?

Having orthodontic treatment should be no reason to put off doing the things you love, or trying new sports so the short answer is, yes!

But with any activity that may involve touching your teeth, taking a few precautions will make you more comfortable and reduce the risk of damage to your braces. Here are a few suggestions:

🐟 there will be more than enough room for the regulator or snorkel, but it may feel a little different than you remember; practice in the pool first to get used to how the equipment feels with braces

🐟 don’t go diving immediately after any adjustments, and if you can try and leave it for a few days – this will give time for your teeth to settle and will be more comfortable

🐟 when scuba diving, try not to bite down too hard on the regulator as this might cause discomfort

🐟 rinse your mouth thoroughly after your dive especially if you have been in salt water

🐟 if you wear Invisalign aligners there is a chance you may lose them if you need to remove your regulator or snorkel so take them out before going in the water; store them safely in their case, and remember to put them back as soon as you finish

🐟 a silicon mouthpiece is a good investment, especially if you plan to dive or snorkel a few times during your treatment

Have fun with your diving and send us some photos. We would love to see them!

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