Complimentary consultations at LLOC

Complimentary consultations at LLOC

We invite anyone interested in orthodontic treatment to book in for a complimentary consultation to include a tour of the clinic and the opportunity to ask questions and learn about possible treatment options. These include fixed braces, on either the front of the teeth or the back of the teeth, and aligners. Lingual braces, concealed on the back of the teeth can be combined with conventional braces. We take a very flexible approach here!

The consultation is with Renata Sakalauskiene, our treatment co-ordinator, who has worked at the clinic for 5 years and also benefited from treatment here.  She will give you plenty of time to ask questions both in the clinic and through any follow-up conversations you might want.

Once you have got the information you need and if you are interested in pursuing treatment, you will be invited to move to the next stage. You will be booked in to see Asif who will give you more detail about treatment and who will discuss your aims and wishes in depth.

The next step is the records appointment; this is when your teeth will be scanned and photographs taken to capture all aspects of your teeth, bite and smile. Using planning software, Asif will demonstrate how your teeth will move so that you  can influence the end result.

If you prefer, you can book in for a paid consultation with Asif immediately. Whatever you choose, we like to work around you and your wishes. Do book in soon!

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